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Title: The Camera Eye: Beautiful Intruder
Chapter: Seventeenth in The Camera Eye series. Links to previous installments can be found here
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn industry AU, drama, smut, romance
Warnings: Male/male sex, polyamory, exhibition/voyeurism (since the characters work in the porn industry), bondage, light flogging, Dom/sub, rimming, deep throating
Pairing: Ruki X Yuuki/Yuuki X Ruki (main), Yo-ka X Yuuki, mentions of Ruki X Shou, Byou X Jin and Tora X Saga
Disclaimer: GazettE/SCREW/D=OUT/BORN characters belong to PS Company, Alice Nine characters are now free agents, Lycaon belongs to Vogue Entertainment and Diaura belongs to Ainco. I own the story only.
Summary: Uruha gets advance news of the coming trend in Japanese gay porn, and wants to get on top of it before it breaks. He pairs Ruki with a co-star who is unlike anyone he’s ever worked with before. Suddenly, he’s finding the pink-haired, whip-wielding newcomer to be frustrating – and fascinating.
Comments: My joint (belated) birthday fic for Ruki and Yuuki, and also commemorating the release of Lycaon’s album Camera Obscura! Yuuki’s overall look here (the particular shade of pink hair, the huge hat and sunglasses he sports in one scene) was inspired by the Baka Ne PV.

It was said the porn bloggers held more power than any writer, director or producer. )
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Title: Christmas Miracle
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut – pretty much a PWP
Warnings: Male/male sex, mild to moderate D/s, spanking, oral
Pairing: Ruki (GazettE) X Yuuki (Lycaon)
Disclaimer: Gazette/SCREW/D=OUT/BORN boys belong to PS Company, Lycaon belong to Vogue Entertainment, I own the story only.
Summary: Ruki has been perfectly content spending the love-love holiday of Christmas with one of his friends-with-benefits – until they all got boyfriends. Now he finds himself alone at a Christmas Eve party – unless a Christmas miracle comes his way.
Comments: Anyone who’s seen my Tumblr (fluttershou) lately will not be surprised that Yuuki is showing up in one of my fics. I figured Ruki was a good match for him since they’re both bad boys – and I imagine Ruki might look at Yuuki and see a reflection of his younger self.

Nobody was quite sure who came up with the party idea. )


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