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So it seems that Ryuusei, the guitarist of a band called Kyogetsu - who nobody seems to have heard of before this incident - made a long post on his blog about why small bands disband and basically accusing bangya of not spending enough money on band goods. He also talked about the economics of the business and how much smaller bands make as opposed to bigger ones, and he kind of called GazettE out by mentioning "bands who play in conifer forests" as the highest money-making groups. He concluded by telling students that they should keep studying so that they'd have money to spend on bands someday and women with jobs to spend money on bands instead of host clubs. This led to a complete shitstorm on Tanuki among bangya who resented being treated as ATM machines - there's a translation of the original post and discussion and analysis of the drama in this discussion on Monochrome Heaven. However, the entire thing would have probably escaped the notice of most western fans had Reita not weighed in with his opinion on Twitter. (Basically, he said that a band is something that someone should devote their whole self to, and if someone is not willing to give it their all, they shouldn't be in music.) The end result was that Ryuusei apologized for his post, then went back on his apology, while his bandmates tried to clean up the mess on social media. The group - who nobody, especially in the West, seems to have heard of before this incident - decided to disband.

On one hand, I can see Ryuusei's point in that a band that's not making money really can't continue, and visual kei is an incredibly competitive business - just looking through a copy of Cure yields a dizzying array of bands, and that's just the ones who have managed to end up with a fairly decent-sized label (i.e., Ains or BP Records or the like). And I also believe that fans should support bands when they can - I do try to buy one version of new releases from groups I like. (However, when it comes to things like the eight versions of Kiryu's Kyubi or nine versions of Alice Nine's Daybreak? Um, NO. That's overkill on the part of the record companies). But the flat-out demand that fans spend money? That's just a bit arrogant - fans, whether they're in Japan or overseas, have lives. They have expenses. They need food, clothing, shelter,medical care. If they're recent graduates, they have student loans. They have friends and family who have birthdays. They have to pay for the cell phones and Internet access that are necessary for fans to follow bands nowadays. And, yes, they even have other entertainment options. It's good to support your favorite bands - it's how they make their living. But to demand they make it their first priority? That's going a bit far.

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Why attack the fans? It's the record labels making huge profits of the artists music. This is why they make money from band merchandise instead of lives and selling their actual music.

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It sounds like he's only interested in money to be honest.

Date: 2017-09-10 12:40 pm (UTC)
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Here's what struck me most about what he's saying. He's talking in terms of 5-10 tickets being sold per live. That. Is. NOTHING! The acapella groups on my undergrad campus regularly brought in hundreds. The garage band my friend sings in has a bigger following than that, and frankly they suck! If bands are really trying to make a living off of 5 fans, no wonder they're all starving.

Date: 2017-09-10 04:43 pm (UTC)
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No kidding! If your audience is that small, the only way you should be having a one-man show is if you related to someone who owns the venue. I guess the mindset is that they don't want to risk losing the fans they do have to other (probably better) groups? Even when they were doing Family Party, the BP boys were talking very competitively about not wanting to lose fans to their labelmates.


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