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Title: Son and Heir – A Sidestory to A Sort of Fairy Tale
Chapter: Standalone sidestory to the A Sort of Fairy Tale series. Most of it takes place before the main series; the epilogue takes place after
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fairy tale AU, romance, drama
Warning: Male-male sex, frottage
Pairing: Shou x Hiroto (main), Tora x Saga (all Alice Nine/A9)
Disclaimer: Alice Nine/A9 formerly belonged to PS Company and are now free agents. This story contains elements from the anime/otome game Meine Liebe, property of Konami and Bee Train. I own the story only.
Summary: Even though the nation of Alicenine is a constitutional grand duchy – meaning the Grand Duke is a figurehead, not the true governing power of the state – being the heir to that title carries its own burdens. Shou, the current heir, knows this all too well. Fortunately, he has friends to help him deal with those burdens – especially one concerning his love life.
Comments: For the First Loves challenge at the VK Yaoi community, and for the free square of my Season of Kink card, for which I'm using the First Time kink. Can be read as a standalone, though you will appreciate it more if you have read the A Sort of Fairy Tale series. (Additional notes are at the end of the story).

The country was a curious mixture of the European and the Japanese. )
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Title: Fan Appreciation
Chapter: Standalone
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, some humor
Warnings: Male/male sex, sex toys
Pairing: Shou x Hiroto/Hiroto x Shou (main), Tora x Saga
Disclaimer: Boys belong to PS Company, I own the story only.
Summary: On the Symphonia Supernova tour of Asia, Shou doesn’t want to admit he’s a bit jealous of all the bras that were thrown at Saga. But a much more unique gift is about to come his way – one with a lot of very nice uses.
Comments: Written for the Sex Toys square of my Season of Kink card. (For more on this new fanworks challenge, click that link!) Also my birthday fic for Shou! (Yes, it's my first Shoupon in quite awhile. Once I heard they'd kissed each other on the lips onstage, I just had to).

There was still one thing that gave Saga trepidation. )


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