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I am extremely late with this, I know - and this is usually my formal Year in Review Meme, but I decided this year not to do the formal meme and just kind of do a general roundup and reminiscence of my last year of writing. I made that decision because it hasn't exactly been a typical writing year. It might have started out that way, with the usual flood of Camera Eye stories (and the usual flood of new muses into the Camera Eye universe), but at the end of the year . . . something very unusual happened.More under here! )
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As promised, here's my 2014: The Year In Review Writer's Meme! Writers, feel free to use it!
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1 - How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

I’ve been writing fanfic in one form or another almost since I was born – my mother says I used to make up stories about cartoon characters and toys before I could actually write and dictate them to her. It’s like my mind kept seizing on what was in front of me and taking it in new directions. I also had some godawful Star Wars Mary Sue drawerfic from when I was kid (and it’s a damn good thing the Internet wasn’t around then, because it mercifully remained drawerfic). I wrote for various animanga fandoms (I was a regular on the D. Gray-Man Kink Meme back in the day) before I got sidetracked by RP games and stopped writing for a few years. What pulled me back in – and got me into J-rock fic – was that one night, I was home and bored because none of my friends were online. I was new to the Alice Nine fandom at the time, and I’d heard there was fanfiction – but I was skitterish about investigating it at the time, since animanga fans tended to consider real person fanfiction a Bad, Bad Thing. (I still have friends who don’t know I write J-rock fic for that reason). But my boredom and curiosity got the best of me, and I started poking around in the archives of Alice in Romance and Alice Nine Yaoi. I couldn’t quite find exactly what I wanted to read – so before I knew it, I was writing it myself. One fic lead to another (since Stargazer ended on an angsty note, and I couldn’t leave Shou and Hiroto without a happy ending), and another, and another still, and then I got into the GazettE and started writing fic about them, and before I knew it, writing was as much a part of my life as breathing.

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So over the past couple of days, I had one of the biggest muses-shocked-the-hell-out-of-me incidents I'd ever had. I was starting to write a short friendship fic in the Camera Eye series, about Byou and his group of friends-with-benefits (the other members of SCREW save Kazuki). It was really just a setup for the next fic in the series. The original intention was going to be the initial scene when Byou's friends meet Ruki, then some cute late-night dialogue between Jin and Byou, then some fooling around, then Manabu coming by and getting invited to join in the fun.

Instead, all of a sudden Jin was acting all jealous of Ruki, and Byou was telling him he was in his heart, and I was writing a romantic pairing I hadn't even considered before. Double-yoo-tee-eff. Granted, I was happy with it when I was done, but when I realized what I was writing, I was like, "What? WHAT? Where is this coming from?" I hadn't even thought much about a permanent primary love interest for Byou in the Camera Eye series. (The most obvious romantic pairing for Byou is always, of course, Mao from Sadie, but I didn't want to bring any non-PSC-at-the-time-I-started-writing-The-Camera-Eye bands into the series - it's set at PSC Productions, after all). And I also know that ByouxJin is most definitely not without basis - at one point, the fandom was apparently shipping them heavily (they're one of the few pairings to get their own tag in the apparently-years-without-active-mods [livejournal.com profile] screw_yaoi). And in addition, Jin is the band member whose stock went up the most for me as a result of seeing the band live - at the last show, I was going to get his scrunchie and add it to my wrist behind Byou's and Kazuki's, but we didn't have time to hit the merch table before the show.

But still . . . this was a big, fat "WTF?" Although it does make my plans for the next installment of the series a bit more interesting.

Meanwhile, I'm back in normal life after Japan (and kind of hoping one of my favorite bands plays in Europe next year so I'll both be able to see them and able to go on another trip. I've already started budgeting for that just in case). And all I'm going to say about the latest Gazewank is thank God it seems to be over. (Just when it looked like it was going to end, someone else would upload another manifesto and it would start all over again  . . .)
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I just got done doing something I've meant to do for a long time - I uploaded my entire Stargazer series (the loosely-connected set of Shou/Hiroto stories I wrote between 2010 and 2012) to Archive Of Our Own. Most of the series was written before I knew how to do a fake cut, so instead of residing on this journal, it resides directly on various Alice Nine communities. I back up this journal to Dreamwidth on a regular basis - and have crossposted my most recent fanfics to AO3 as well - but because of the circumstances of Stargazer, it was never backed up.

It took awhile - there's a lot of those suckers, 18 in all - and I still need to upload the sidestories (the Tora/Saga fic Losing the Wager - which is probably getting a revise - and the multi-couple series Movie Night). But the core series is done. I did give a few of them slight tweaks - in particular, the later entries that include GazettE but were written before I got into the fandom. Most of them, though, were uploaded just as they were originally posted.

It's actually kind of funny, looking back at my earliest stories and seeing how my writing style has changed. (I think I now write sex scenes that are as long as the earliest Stargazer fics in their entirety). I could also see the progression from my primarily writing Alice Nine to primarily writing GazettE - the Gazemen first poke their heads in about three-quarters of the way through as guest stars, and the next-to-last fic of the series is 50/50 both bands. Stargazer also serves as a time capsule of Alice Nine during that time period, since so many fics deal with Alice Nine Channel episodes, photoshoots, specific lives, etc. It wasn't my intention, but it begins with Budokan and ends with Shou taking over as leader - which seems rather appropriate.

The Stargazer series at AO3 is here.
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So I FINALLY finished and posted my new fic last night. Wow - it feels like I've been working on it forever, although the reality is that I started working on it Thanksgiving week. Real life kept getting in the way. (Also, y'know, Thanksgiving, which is an American holiday basically devoted to cooking, cooking, cooking, eating, eating and eating, followed by crashing flat for about 10 years.)

It's the longest fic I've done in awhile, the longest I've ever done that has a central character who's not a member of Alice Nine or GazettE, and . . . well, I'm not quite sure where it came from. I'd wanted to do a Manabu-centric fic for awhile, ever since I stumbled across a long series, written by a fangirl who supposedly loved him, that consisted of him being repeatedly raped and abused by all his bandmates. It made me want to write something nice about the poor boy. (Seriously - I never understood why fangirls like to write torture porn about boys/characters they love. Not angst, I mean real torture. That's just me, though, YMMV.) This wasn't the idea I had for him, though - my first thought was a Disney parody (which may still get used).

I do know that I'd had it in the back of my head to do another story in the A Fairy's Tale universe, which got pushed to the front of my head by the season premiere of My Little Pony - AFT was inspired by the whole Princess Twilight brouhaha. in addition, I knew I wanted to do something involving both Manabu and Kai, since they were hair twins for awhile this year - Manabu's Red Thread look is almost identical to Kai's Division one. I'd also had a half-formed idea about the atmosphere on the Gather Roses PV set leading to dressing room sex. Somehow, all these streams ended up flowing together in my head and resulting in a fic where Manabu is a second fairy who was inspired to come to the human world by hearing about Kai.

The pairing, though, REALLY came out of nowhere. I had NEVER thought of Kazuki as a potential partner for Manabu. I don't ship guitarcest pairings, I have never shipped Kazuki with anyone but Aoi (though I ship Aoi with other people) and I always liked the idea of Manabu with Byou (though my Byou muse keeps running off toward Ruki instead). The pairing just sort of - happened, and became the heart of the fic, to the point where I ended up dropping plans for Manabu to end up in bed with Kai. (Yes, that might still happen, too. Remember, fairies are polyamorous.)

I ultimately decided not to post it in any GazettE fic communities because while Kai is in it, his part is significant, but small (and Aoi's part is even smaller). I didn't want people saying, "Hey, I wanted GazettE fic! This is about SCREW!" (I remember coming across fics on Alice Nine communities that were three-quarters about another band, and my reaction was usually, "Um, who are these people?") So I put it on the general J-rock yaoi and SCREW yaoi communities, plus AO3. (One good thing about AO3 - you can post a longer fic in one chunk without splitting it!)

So, yes, that's finally up. And now, I take a deep breath, and it's on to the next fic . . .


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